You've landed right on the edge of time. Welcome to Pitt Island.

Spectacular scenery, friendly and welcoming locals, home-style cooking fit for a king, rare and endangered species of birds and plants and a whole lot more to keep you busy.

Sandy Beaches

The golden and white sandy beaches of Pitt Island make this an idyllic South Pacific hideaway, without the hordes of holiday makers and resort dwellers.

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Amazing Scenery

From towering basalt cliffs, to rolling pastures and bush-clad hillsides and valleys, this island truly is a masterpiece of creation.

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The earliest settlers here came from Polynesia hundreds of years ago. Descendants of those people still own land here today and their culture is very much alive on the Islands.

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Welcome to Pitt Island

On this site you will find everything that you need about this amazing little island on the edge of the empire.

Why the edge of the empire? Because Pitt Island is the Eastern-most point of the country of New Zealand and New Zealand was once part of the British Empire. The “Brittania waves the rules” empire, – not the evil empire of Star Wars fame.

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